Review: All About Steve

Somewhere in the basement of Fox Studios there is a great version of this film. You can see snippets of brilliance in the performances by Ken Jeong (last seen in The Hangover), Katy Mixon and M.C. Gainey. When she remembers to, Sandra Bullock is properly laugh-out-loud funny. And the sub-plots that litter the film could have made this a downright bonkers funny night at the pictures.

But it’s been cut to bits. 99 minutes of chopped-off fun, with a curdled dollop of schmaltz at the end (If you must go see this film, make sure you get out at around minute 85).

Sandra Bullock is Mary Horowitz, a writer of cryptic crosswords who is still on the shelf, thanks to the fact that she is annoying. Talks to much, too randomly and her lines are over-written, basically. But y’know she’s got a heart of gold (blah). And she doesn’t realise she’s been stalking Steve (bland CNN cameraman Bradley Cooper (last seen in any number of films you might have seen if your flight was a very long one indeed) until we hit minute 86.

It’s basically a road trip movie. While Mary follows Steve around the country, she meets some adorable characters: the softy trucker; some salt-of-the-earth pro-lifer types; a deaf child (Who just sits there doing nothing! Not acting, not developing the plot, not even being cute to look at. Nothing. Bizarre.)

It’s like Into the Wild or TransAmerica.  But shit.

What a shame. Bring on the Director’s Cut, though.