17 February 2010: Les Demoiselles de Rochefort (1967)

Catherine Deneuve and Francoise Dorleac star as twin sisters aching to leave provincial Rochefort for the pleasures of Paris. But before they do, there’s plenty of singing and dancing, family secrets, romantic entanglements – and a stupendous appearance from Gene Kelly.

This utterly French and shamelessly romantic musical could be the oddest and most delightful film you will ever see.

Thanks to everyone who came to Deptford Film Club’s launch on Wednesday 17 February 2010. The response was fantastic and the room was packed (many apologies to the people we had to turn away).



  1. John Tillman

    Just out of interest the transporter that you see in the start of the film still exist, and in use for bikes and pedestrians. Great pity that Deptford is not twinned with Rocheford on the Historical Maritime front they have a lot in common. An interesting place to visit.

    Very Good Luck with your project.


  2. Phoenix

    At the end of the evening, we asked audience members if they’d enjoyed the film. Here’s what they said:
    – I’m not a fan of musicals but really enjoyed it. It’s so over the top.
    – So funny. Delightfully french. Thank you.
    – It was incredibly silly, but fun. Only the french could make a bizarre nonsensical musical like this with style. And what a cast – with some surprises. Great fun.
    – Gene Kelly. Camp. Hysterical!
    – Super groovy!
    – Great quirky choice. Great MC-ing!
    – Loved the film.
    – It was different and fun and not the sort of thing you’d find in a cinema. And free!
    – Was fun, colourful, silly, quite a tonic. Enchante!
    – Good ambience, cosy
    – Different! Light hearted 🙂
    – Interesting movie. Came together with the venue perfectly.
    – It was a great evening. I will make sure I come along on the 3rd [March] and I look forward to seeing a good crowd there again.