31 March 2010: Katalin Varga

Here is an amazing film by new British director Peter Strickland. It’s a revenge thriller set in Romanian Transylvania and was one of our favourite films from last year, not least because of its astonishing sound design.

Hilda Péter plays Katalin Varga, a woman cast out of her village by her angry husband. Travelling through the beautiful Romanian countryside with her son, Katalin is looking for revenge. What happens next is appalling, yes, but also quite quite mind-boggling. This film will stay inside your head for quite some time.

  • “A film of remarkable assurance and intensity.” TIME OUT
  • “Like a folk tale crossed with a thriller and road movie. Without a doubt it is one of the best new British films of the year.” EVENING STANDARD
  • “A slow-moving, insistently gripping, faintly Dostoyevskian tale of violence and retribution set in the swooningly photographed Romanian countryside. This is a film that glows from the inside with its own awful secret.” GUARDIAN
  • “This is not Romanian realism but fantasy-tinged psychodrama, owing debts to Tarkovsky and Lynch, and gaining a lot from the piercing, accusatory presence of its memorable leading lady.” TELEGRAPH


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  1. Deptford Film Club

    Here’s some of our audience feedback from the screening:
    – Loved it! Unusual, beautifully shot – interesting theme – clever camera work
    – A really excellent film … really uneasy and powerful.
    – A good and unusual film.
    – Smashing!
    – Very nice night, will tell my friends to come too!
    – Enjoyed the film. Subtle, dark – well worth it.
    – Great film, good choice!
    – Great sense of foreboding and very atmospheric. Beautiful scenery.
    – Really enjoyed it. Great sound.
    – Seats a bit uncomfortable. Will defo bring a cushion next time!
    – Cushions needed – bum hurts.