26 May 2010: 35 Shots of Rum


Plus the short film A Touch of Klass by southeast London film-maker Joyce Treasure.

Lionel is a middle-aged train driver on Paris’s suburban RER network, Josephine a student. This quietly beautiful film by Claire Denis is about their life together, their friends and neighbours, good times – and the separation that they both need.

“This outstanding new film from Claire Denis demonstrates her fluency and mastery in the kind of movie-language that is rich, quietly complex and subtle.” GUARDIAN

“Thank heaven for Claire Denis, whose 35 Shots of Rum is that increasingly rare thing – a “proper film” with believable situations and finely drawn characters.” MARK KERMODE

“A meditation on family, harmony, loyalty and belonging and their corollaries – loss, transgression, loneliness and separation.” TIME OUT

“In its distracted, undemonstrative way, 35 Shots of Rum is as heady as its title suggests, quietly crackling with intimacy and intensity.” INDEPENDENT