20 October: Bronco Bullfrog

Barney Platts-Mills tale of teenage lovers with no money and nowhere to go was largely improvised by a non-professional cast of young East Enders. A wonderful time capsule of late 60s London, this is filmmaking with a spontaneity, wit and endearing humanity that still feels strikingly fresh.

With the short film Liquor and Gravy, an audio slideshow about Goddard’s Pie Shop on Deptford High Street.

“If you were to take the tough urban environment that constitutes the imaginary world of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and put real and rather decent people into it, you might come up with the preconditions for Barney Platts-Mills’s ‘Bronco Bullfrog’, a film about growing up in London’s poor East End.” NEW YORK TIMES

“There’s a lovely naturalism to the chat and romance, even if some scenes come across as a bit shaky. Most strikingly, and unlike other better-known realist films of the time, there’s nothing precious about its attitude to the working class: the spirit of its actors runs right through it.” TIME OUT