19 Jan 2011: Human Centipede

Holland 2010. 92 minutes. English language.

Welcome to the opening movie of our ‘extreme’ season. Human Centipede had a whole lot of hype in 2010, but very few people got to actually see it. And see it you must.

Two young women are driving through the German countryside when their car breaks down. It’s pouring with rain, and it’s the middle of the night, so who could blame them for seeking shelter in the home of an eccentric scientist? But things go badly when he drugs them – and then sews them together to create the world’s first ‘human centipede’

This is a wildly entertaining, grotesque and thrilling film – and certainly not for the delicate – but for those who can stomach it, this will be your first ever truly great night out of 2011.

“The cadaverous Dr. Heiter… makes a striking impression as the former separator of Siamese Twins, and although the blood-bath finale seems to preclude a sequel, the film’s success at horror film festivals means that the idea has legs. Part two, Full Sequence, is already being made.” TIME OUT

“The sadistic and vile scenes of humans being stitched together in the doctor’s cellar – after the surgeon’s earlier failed attempt to do the same with dogs – are proving the film’s big selling point.” THE SUN

“Perhaps this is indeed the sickest film to have yet hit the screen. The moment when the leading constituent of the beast with three backs defecates into the mouth of the young woman sewn to his anus would surely take some beating.” THE GUARDIAN