16 February: Showgirls

USA 1995. 128 minutes.

By popular demand, we bring you an LGBT History Month special screening of Showgirls, a film so crass and vulgar, it’s been named the worst movie in history. Watch open-mouthed as some of the worst actors in the world give it their absolute all. From the makers of Basic Instinct, here is a film that demands your attention to the hilt.

LGBTElizabeth Berkley stars as a wild-eyed ingénue who takes the Las Vegas exotic-dance scene by storm. After logging time at a seedy strip joint, Berkley catches her big break in a casino show, but runs into a sleazy cast of characters, including slickster entertainment director Kyle MacLachlan and the show’s catty star, Gina Gershon.

Is it a feminist classic or a misogynist nightmare? Is it sexy or grotesque? Who knows? Imagine Burlesque + A Star is Born + Ziegfield Follies + cocaine + titties, multiplied by a billion.

facebook_groupCome early to guarantee a seat. We’re expecting a big crowd for this one.

“Tasteless, tawdry, and guaranteed to leave you rolling in the aisles… the best bad filmmaking Hollywood has to offer.” THE MOVIE REPORT

“Showgirls promises the inside dope on Las Vegas, stripping, hooking and all that stuff. What “Showgirls” delivers, however, seems basically to be Joe Eszterhas’ masturbatory fantasies. What seems to turn Eszterhas on are images of women with knives (a switchblade appears in the first 60 seconds), lesbianism, sex for cash and violence.” ROGER EBERT

“Showgirls is a movie about abuse, harassment, stripping, rape, lap dances, and Elizabeth Berkeley’s breasts. But it is also about a girl who, against all odds, beats the system, uses men to her advantage, and rises from prostitution to stardom. ” OREGON EPISCOPAL SCHOOL