30 March: Persona

Sweden 1966 | 85 minutes | English subtitles | Certificate 15.

Ingmar Bergman’s masterpiece. While performing onstage, the actress Elisabeth Vogler loses the power of speech.  There follows a mental breakdown throughout which she is bed-ridden and unable, or unwilling, to speak.  Her doctor sends her to a house by the sea, to be cared for by a young nurse, Alma.

Alma becomes fascinated by her silent patient and reveals intimate secrets about her own past.  But Elisabeth’s silence soon perturbs Alma’s calm, and the nurse undergoes a strange inner transformation…


“Persona is a rich, allegorical work that rewards repeated viewings. One of Bergman’s most important films, Persona creates a terrifying world in which filmmaking becomes bound up with insanity, anxiety and a crushing sense of angst.” FILM 4

“Bergman at his most brilliant. Not an easy film, but an infinitely rewarding one.” TIME OUT

“Persona is a film we return to over the years, for the beauty of its images and because we hope to understand its mysteries.” ROGER EBERT