18 May: Enter the Void

France 2010. 154 minutes. English language.

7.30pm Amersham Arms

 Enfant terrible Gasper Noé’s latest film is absolutely unlike anything else that came out in 2010. After being shot dead soon after smoking the drug DMT, a young American man floats through time and space in Tokyo, trying to make sense of how he arrived at his current predicament.

Here’s a film that grabs hold of your senses from the very first second, as you are taken on a psychotropic trip that will astonish and amaze you.  When we watched it at the cinema, the audience burst into spontaneous applause… within the first two minutes! By far the most exciting, enraging and creative film of 2010.

“It has been eight years now since Gaspar Noé released his notorious rape-revenge film Irréversible, an ultra-violent, ultra-extreme movie that effortlessly exceeded in shock value anything, by anyone, at any time. Enter the Void is, in its way, just as provocative, just as extreme, just as mad, just as much of an outrageous ordeal.” GUARDIAN

“At various moments, the film recalls not just Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, but modern-day video games and 1960s avant-gardism. Mostly though, this is a relentless experiment in post-cinema, a maddening but memorable compound of orientalism, technophilia and pharmaceutical aesthetics.” TELEGRAPH

If you thought the camerawork in Irréversible induced nausea, wait until you get a dose of Enter the Void. We swing in and out of buildings, tear through walls. Not only that, but we leap into the cabin of a plane and take a vagina’s eye view of a penis during sex… You have to admire Noé’s ballsy vision and loopy execution, and the way he sucks you into this world with such a bold fusion of sound and image.” TIME OUT