5 October: Vanishing Point

USA 1971  |  106 minutes | Directed by Richard C. Sarafian

Probably the best car chase movie ever made.

Denver car delivery driver Kowalski drives a Dodge Challenger 1200 miles in two days, on a trip fuelled by benzedrine, bad memories, black power and beauty. With cop cars in pursuit and The Man attacking him by helicopter, will he make it to San Francisco in time?

A film for petrol heads, pot heads and Primal Scream fans. The politics are dated and the acting is wooden, but the spectacular cinematography and sharp pacing are still bang on. Watch this before you see Drive.

“A strange, obsessive odyssey by a man driven by an inexplicable need to keep going.” TIME OUT

Really nothing but a one hundred minute car chase across country, and I loved every minute of it.” CINEMA CRAZED