16 November: Perfect Blue

Japan 1997 | 80 minutes | Dubbed into English

The anime inspiration for this year’s Black Swan. In this psychological thriller from Satoshi Kon (Paprika, Paranoia Agent) Mima Kirigoe decides to leave the pop group who made her famous to pursue a career as an actress. But the soap opera role Mima’s offered is less clean cut than desired. Reality and fantasy spiral out of control, and Mima discovers that her crazy stalker is the least of her troubles.

“A startling and powerful film. If Alfred Hitchcock partnered with Walt Disney they’d make a film like this.” ROGER CORMAN

★★★★★ “A smart, innovative and gut-wrenchingly disturbing film.” TOTAL FILM

★★★★★ “This unusual anime follows Polanski’s Repulsion into some fairly grown-up areas: the vulnerability of one’s sense of self, the flimsiness of a public persona, the price to be paid for female complicity with male fantasies.” TIME OUT