4 April: Paris, Texas

7.30pm Wednesday 4 April 2012
Amersham Arms, 388 New Cross Road, London SE14 6TY

Wim Wenders | West Germany, France, UK, USA 1984 | 147 minutes

The first part of our Wim Wenders season is his most well known, critically acclaimed, and successful movie, Paris, Texas, which won the Cannes Palme D’Or for Best Film in 1984.

This powerful, beautifully-shot USA road movie tells the tale of Travis (Harry Dean Stanton), a man presumed dead for four years, who reappears from the Mojave Desert, world-weary and amnesiac.

He’s reunited with his brother Walt who is bringing up Hunter, his seven-year-old son. As virtual strangers, Hunter and Travis begin to build a wary friendship and conspire to find Jane (Natassja Kinski) and bring her back to be a real family.

Written by playwright Sam Shepard, with a wonderful soundtrack by Ry Cooder and fantastic cinematography by Robby Müller.


“Wenders’ collaboration with writer Sam Shepard is a master-stroke, wholly beneficial to both talents; if Wenders’ previous film, The State of Things, was on the very limits of possibility, this one, through its final scenes, pushes the frontier three steps forward into new and sublime territory.” TIME OUT


★★★★ “A masterpiece of loss and regret.” SPINNING IMAGE

“One of the great half dozen movies of the last 30 years.” KAMERA