24/25 Aug: Ghett’a Life

Jamaica 2011 | 1hr 44mins | Jamaican English with subtitles

  • Friday 24 August 2012, 7pm
  • Saturday 25 August 2012, 4.30pm

Boxing, politics and romance collide in this fast-paced and colourful action film, which became the highest grossing film in the Caribbean.

This is the story of Derrick, whose dreams of becoming Jamaica’s next world boxing champion are hampered by the political war that’s dividing the garrison community where he lives in central Kingston. When his father forbids him from going to the boxing gym in a rival part of Kingston, Derrick defiantly follows his heart but is confronted by the local “don” who threatens his family.

“A seriously gripping piece of cinema” THE VOICE

“An uppercut above your average straight-from-the-streets, low-budget bullet fest, boxing drama.” TIME OUT

” A film made for all ages and societies of Jamaica. Ghett’a Life is a must-see.” JAMAICA OBSERVER

“This is what the power of cinema is all about. You walk into a dark room, take a seat and settle down for a film, and instantly you are transported to world that you can almost smell and taste.” FILMLAND EMPIRE