Bollywood is famous for its romantic storylines. But some of the most exciting contemporary Indian films feature not ‘boy-meets-girl’ love but ‘boy-meets-boy’ relationships that are no less powerful for their lack of direct sexual contact.

In autumn 2015, we are curating ‘Young Guns of Bollywood Bromance’, a film programme for the BFI’s Love season. Taking place in two major UK cities, the programme will include screenings, specialist introductions and fan fiction workshops.

Action thriller GUNDAY (2014) is the story of a friendship that survives war, criminality and betrayal. Uber-bromance DOSTANA (2008) sees two young pals pretend to be gay lovers in order to get closer to the woman they both adore. STUDENT OF THE YEAR (2012) and KAL HO NA HO (2004) are two love-triangle romantic comedies in which the two male suitors seem to be more interested in each other that the girl they are both fighting over. Famed around the world as the best Indian film ever made, SHOLAY (1975) is the daddy of all Indian bromance films. This is an opportunity to premiere the 3D version remastered last year.