In 2018 I  travelled to South Africa to connect with the people making the SA film exhibition scene happen. 

Thanks to a grant from the British Council’s Art Connects Us programme, I wanted to ask film exhibitors in South Africa how they are developing their craft through training, professional development and networks.

I talked to 6 cinema managers, 5 independent curators, 6 film school lecturers and 2 film school students, 4 filmmakers, 6 festival directors, 4 regional film commissions, a pair of PR pros, and 2 distributors. I also spoke to at least a dozen Uber drivers, who give me an insight into how ‘the man on the street’ experiences South African cinema culture.

Cape Town

  • Black Filmmakers’ Film Festival
  • Big World Cinema
  • Encounters Documentary Film Festival in 1998.
  • Cape Town Film Mart & Festival
  • Cape Town Film Commission
  • Bertha Movie House, Khayelitsha
  • Cape Town International Animation Festival
  • Film schools at  AFDA, SAE Institute and the University of Cape Town
  • Pink Flamingo Rooftop Cinema
  • Labia Theatre
  • Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art


  • Durban Film Commission
  • KZN Film Commission
  • Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
  • Durban University of Technology


  • Bioscope Cinema
  • National Arts Festival
  • Film schools at WITS University and Johannesburg University
  • Indigenous Film Distribution
  • Nirox Sculpture Park
  • First Wednesdays Film Club