nollysquarelogoThe Nigerian video film industry (popularly known as Nollywood) is the world’s second largest film industry, yet in 2010, very few people outside of the African diaspora had heard of it.

In 2010 we ran a six-night festival of popular Nigerian film – the first festival of its kind in the UK. The festival included a panel discussion featuring film-makers, broadcasters and academics, as well as screenings introduced by industry insiders.

The festival was made possible thanks to local authority funding, sponsorship by the Guaranty Trust Bank in Nigeria, collaboration with Nollywood Channel, African Movie Channel, SOAS and Odeon Greenwich – the work of a dozen volunteers. Coinciding with celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Nigerian independence, the festival drew a great deal of mainstream media interest, including coverage in the Financial Times, Guardian, Time Out, The Voice and the London Evening Standard.