In times like this, the monsters come to guide us through the change. 

They come from all around the world whenever things get strange.

With fright’ning heads and clanging bells and furs and branches too, 

they say goodbye to things gone past, and beckon in the new.

And this November, if you dare (no need to be afraid)

please join the friendly monsters on their winter-time parade!

Across the world, we humans have created masquerade traditions that are both beautiful and startling. Whenever there’s the need for our community to process and incorporate a significant change, we turn ourselves into monsters, animals and spirits.

On Sunday 3 November 2019 – perhaps days after a Halloween Brexit – we invite everyone and anyone to take part in an extraordinary masquerade parade through the streets of Deptford, south London, witnessed by hundreds of their friends and neighbours watching agog.

Expect a whirlwind of fur, feathers, horns, drones, drums, pompoms, bears, bagpipes, sequins, leather, lions and bells. This is the closing event for Deptford X 2019.



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