The Global Picture Palace festival, produced in collaboration with the Stephen Lawrence Centre, was dedicated to uncovering some of the great popular films produced in the rest of the world.

In the UK, the only ‘populist’ or ‘mass audience’ films we get to see are either home-grown (eg, The Inbetweeners Movie) or from Hollywood. But this weekend featured action-adventure from India, hip-hop dance from Vietnam, teen boxing drama from Jamaica and a wild thriller from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

globalThe Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust commissioned the festival as a means of bringing new audiences into their centre, and was financially supported by London Borough of Lewisham. We organised it after training up a group of young people from the local area, working closely with Flipside Film Festival and The Albany.

“Although nature took its course and rained down on the outdoor festival, working with Phoenix was a pleasure. His knowledge and passion for film is infectious, and his ability to train others and develop their skills is of a high standard. I look forward to working with Phoenix again in the future.” Doreen Thompson-Addo, Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

Some months later, we renamed The Global Picture Palace as MONDO POP, an ongoing season of films at Enclave Gallery and Shambala Music Festival, where audiences have thrilled to a Bollywood CGI superhero, Korean girlpop horror, a Filipino slum musical and a Hungarian stoner cartoon.